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Day One - Initial Bootcamp - Initial Call Script

The First day sets the scene for the initial call script. Script give you the confidence to speak with certainty until you are on your feet. So get the script down pat as soon as possible. 

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Day Two - Initial Bootcamp - Objection Handling

Day Two builds on the initial call script and adds objection handling into the mix. 

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Day Three - Initial Bootcamp - Build Depth in Understanding

Day Three is all about becoming more familiar and building depth in your understanding. You should now be realising that repetition is the mother of skill and the script should be starting to make sense.

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Day Four - Initial Bootcamp - On The Phones

Day Four is the day we see how much you have learnt. Don't let Call Reluctance take hold. Pick up the phone and bang out your calls. Then sit down with your Buddy or Trainer and review your lessons.

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Day Five - Initial Bootcamp - Exam and Graduation Day

Day Five, you made it, now show us how much has stuck. Spend the morning on the phones and then review ready to sit the exam and finally, if you pass, Graduate from Bootcamp. 

Finally, let's get a beer and celebrate this success of the week. 

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